Monday, January 16, 2012

Iconic Assignment 1 - Paco1200

Since me and mojo are in this competition, we are going to show you what we look like when we get into a rivalry! >:P Enjoy the show!

My picture was inspired by JLo's "On the Floor"


Rinna has always been told she had a good voice ever since she sang at her high school's talent show. She put down the thought and never really took it seriously, but it planted enough of a seed apparently because she decided to practice singing by herself in her bedroom. Perfecting note by note to songs by her favorite pop star Jennifer Lopez. One Summer night a few days after she graduated high school a few of her best friends (the ones who told her she could sing well) wanted to sneak into "The Retro Rocket", a new, very popular club in Bridgeport. So she decided to tag along. Getting in was no challenge as her best friends bribed the bouncer with a wad of cash. While she was starstruck by the lights and the loud upbeat music, her friends told her that it was karaoke night and that she should go up and sing. While Rinna was hesitant, her friends assured her that they'd be right behind her and act as her "backup dancers". So Rinna gave in and went up to the raised floor where the microphone was and heard her favorite song playing, "On the floor". This was a song she knew by heart and was incredibly prepared for. She jammed out her heart and blew everyone away with her hip thrusting. After she sang, a Hollywood record producer (The old man in the background) walked up to her and told her that he'd love to work with her. She was shocked and then screamed "YES YES! OF COURSE! YES!"

"You're on your way to stardom kid!" the man said in reply."

(click picture for bigger version)


ColorMePink: #2 paco1200 
- Cool song and story! I really love all the detail in the picture and the colors! I wish you had toned it down a bit. It’s a little too busy, but I think you did a great job!

NNNOOO!!! lol, I guess I was so freaking excited to jump in with a new computer that I overdid it xD I was actually able to pull of the picture's crowd with mods that previously crashed my old computer. Oh well, 2nd is acceptable. haha. My only problem is...well, Mojo will clear that up xD

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